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PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: $175+GST per month (minimum of 3 month commitment billed in 3 monthly instalments)


  • Individualized training plan tailored to your goals and current fitness level

  • Premium Training Peaks membership

  • 1 strength and yoga/stretching session per week

  • Drill-down analysis/feedback from your Certified Coach on your run uploads

  • Monthly 1-1 check-ins on the phone.

  • Track sessions, long runs and trail runs, as a group

  • Online chat where we talk all things running and support and encourage each other

  • Pacers who volunteer their time to help members achieve their virtual race goals

  • Running community who encourage, inspire and motivate each other

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP: $150+GST per month (minimum of 3 month commitment billed in 3 monthly instalments)

  • This membership includes everything a Premium Membership has to offer minus in-person group sessions. Access to virtual sessions included*



OPTION 1: Members: $130+GST (Month 1); $100+GST (on-going); Non-members: $165+GST (Month 1); $130+GST (on-going)

  • Virtual assessment (in-person if possible)

  • 1 Strength program per week tailored to goals/fitness level provided through True Coach app.

  • Plan reviewed weekly with Strength Coach and ensure compatibility with running training plan, if applicable.

  • Workouts include demonstration videos/written descriptions

OPTION 2: Members: $205+GST (Month 1); $175+GST (on-going); Non-members: $265+GST (Month 1); $225+GST (on-going)

  • This membership includes everything Option 1 has to offer but includes 2 strength programs per week tailored to your goals/fitness level through True Coach app.


Members: $210+GST (Month 1); $125+GST (on-going); Non-members: $240+GST (Month 1); $150+GST (on-going)

  • Virtual 60 minute initial consult and analysis

  • Personalized nutrition program tailored to your goals, training plan and unique needs

  • Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins to make any necessary adjustments, offer strategies and support progress

  • Custom program including recipes, weekly meal plan guidelines, helpful cooking tips, educational points on how to maintain balanced nutrition and hydration throughout training to race day



Hone in on areas that may be making you more susceptible to injury and find areas you can work on to become a smarter, more efficient runner. Cost includes an assessment with a certified gait analysis specialist using Run Scribe technology and a follow up report summarizing your results. Click here to book a session at the Run Lounge!

Also, come visit us at the Run Lounge YYC, for all your recovery and performance needs! 

*Only available to those outside of Calgary and surrounding area

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