PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: $175+GST per month (minimum of 3 month commitment billed in 3 monthly instalments)

  • Individualized training plan tailored to your goals and current fitness level

  • Premium Training Peaks membership

  • Virtual strength and stretching sessions

  • Drill-down analysis/feedback from your Certified Coach on your run uploads

  • Monthly 1-1 check-ins on the phone.

  • Track sessions, long runs and trail runs, as a group

  • Online chat where we talk all things running and support and encourage each other

  • Pacers who volunteer their time to help members achieve their virtual race goals

  • Running community who encourage, inspire and motivate each other

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP: $150+GST per month (minimum of 3 month commitment billed in 3 monthly instalments)

This membership includes everything a Premium Membership has to offer minus in-person group sessions. Access to virtual sessions included*

GAIT ANALYSIS: $175+GST (non-members)/$150+GST (members)

Hone in on areas that may be making you more susceptible to injury and find areas you can work on to become a smarter, more efficient runner. Cost includes a 1 hour assessment with a certified gait analysis specialist using Run Scribe technology and a follow up report summarizing your results.

LIGHTSPEED LIFT: 5 x 45 min sessions for $100+GST OR Drop in for $25+GST for 45 mins (open to member's only).

Run at a reduced body weight of 20-40 lbs. to get back to running from injury quicker, increase your aerobic conditioning by training at faster speeds/lower heart rate due to reduced body weight, AND increase mileage safer.  Visit for more details.

*Only available to those outside of Calgary and surrounding area