Mission: To create a running community, locally and online, where all levels feel supported, challenged, and passionate in their pursuit of running goals.
Why choose We Run the World Coaching, Inc (WRTWC) to help you reach your running goals? Let the results and smiling faces of its members tell you why. Not only are WRTWC members taking down virtual personal bests almost every weekend, they support each other along the way. With challenging times like Covid, where races are being cancelled, it can be hard to stay motivated to take your running goals to the next level. Having a community, both locally in Calgary and online, to support you and genuinely care about your results is a sure way to keep you in pursuit of your running goals. We are committed to the motto: #kickingassisntcancelled and are proving that time and time again.
The club is made up of men and women at all levels: from beginners to elites, there is a place for everyone. The wide range of experience provides every member with someone to mentor, someone to run with, and someone to aspire to. Online forums keep the community tight and informed of each and every one's successes. It truly is a community near and far as proven by our feature in Canadian Running Magazine as one of Calgary's top online coaching services. 
Phone: 403-804-9299
Email: weruntheworldcoaching@gmail.com