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Mission: To create a running community, locally and online, where all levels feel supported, challenged, and passionate in their pursuit of running goals.
Established in 2016, We Run the World Coaching (WRTWC) is a running club, local to Calgary, AB, that prides itself on its strong sense of community. It is over 100 athletes strong, locally and online, supporting amateur athletes at all levels. It includes runners training for their first races to those running elite times. All are welcome and supported equally towards their goals. There is a certified and insured team of ten coaches and every athlete is fit with the best coach for his or her individual needs. All plans are tailored to the individual, depending on experience, goals, and current level of fitness.

It truly is a community near and far as proven by WRTWC's feature in Canadian Running Magazine as one of Calgary's top online coaching services. WRTWC can't wait to have you a part of the team and help you experience the joy of running towards your goals and having a clear path to get there.
Phone: 403-804-9299
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